Sabates i amor - Descobreix el barri Gòtic -

Famous photographers like David Hurn or Abbas appeals to the action of walking when giving advice to emerging photographers. Rather than lecture us about the art, light or framing, they talk about walking, shoes, or exercise our passion. In conclusion they tell us to learn photography by taking more and more pictures.
In this little story I want to talk about one of our most genuine activities: a photosession through the Gothic quarter. What we practice in this activity is precisely these two elements, shoes and love, to walk and take pictures, paths and passion. To know the Gothic Quarter, have fun and capture the moments of the most beautiful scenic places. That’s it.
Foto espectacular
The idea came to us traveling. It’s hard to take good pictures of yourself when traveling. Either just one is in the picture, or only you photography places, or you do a selfie, or you have to ask someone to do the photo and it does not look good. These are experiences that we all, in some trip or another, have experienced. To avoid these, at least in Barcelona, count on Filma-t.
Spontaneity, originality and passion are some of the ingredients we use to cook this photographical recipe People ask us:”How do I pose ?”, “What should I do?”. -Nothing . Be natural, be yourself and have fun. The best pictures usually come out at the end of the session, when people are already loosen, when you have forgotten of the camera. The more complicity between yourselves the better. The rest comes naturally.
The route consists of small explanations of stories, legends and fun facts about the streets of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. At the same time we’ll take spontaneous, fresh and original photographs of you, trying to capture the essence of the place and the moment. The tour lasts an hour and a half, it starts in the Plaça Sant Just and ends at the Plaça del Rei. After two hours of finishing the route about 40 edited photos in digital format are provided. All for a modest price.
The Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, which sometimes seems to be an amusing theme park, gives us many facilities to immortalize moments. Did you know that here you can find the main government buildings? the Royal Palace, the City Hall, the Palau de la Generalitat. In addition to the Cathedral. But there is also the first public fountain of the city, the nostalgic Plaça Sant Felip Neri, the modernist box of Archdeacon’s House, the neogothic bridge in Bishop street. Want to know more? As Abbas said: “Get a pair of shoes and fall in love.”
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