The last 15th of December Filma-t Produccions reached two wonderful years old. The alma mater of the project was clear: the union of the hobby and craft to get the benefit. In this case we have joined our hobbies of photography, audiovisuals, journalism and advertising to bear our own work , our profit .
Though the way has not been easy, we keep for us mainly with everything we’ve done, learned and lived during this time. Our project was to make videos of apartments for a leading company in the sector. To run back and forth, loaded with tripods, cameras, steady. Besides, if we look back and see the first and the last video we made … No name.
After that, a lot of projects came along: the award winning and exciting Cyborg Foundation, the strenuous and comforting wedding reports, the adrenaline of sport’s photography, passionate and visceral photojournalism, the luxurious experience with interior decorating photography, self-learning and personal growth of routes with photographer, the creative and imaginative booktrailers. So many different experiences and people we have met who have made us not only better professionals, but better people.
To sum up, here is the best and the worst:
-The worst is certainly -in this order- the tedious bureaucracy, accounting and research or lack of customers. From night to day we have to become managers, salesperson, financial, accountant, secretary, community manager , entrepreneur and a long and endless list of other jobs.
-The best is the freedom of working for yourself, all we have learned and especially to work in what you love. Being together: Chief worker, photographer, camera , screenwriter, producer, editor etc. Is priceless.
Looking back looks good: own production company, Photo Studio, little shop .
In Filma-t we are the ones who like memories, details, we love people skills, well done work, but we are not that back-looking-kind. Therefore we are looking forward to continue taking photos and videos, create projects, to work on what we love to. That’s why we created this blog. To work and share pictures and experiences with you all. Because the past was not bad, present is nice, but fleeting , and the future? The future is ours!
Cheers and memories!

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